How he appears in Tigrus879's full-length movies
Biographical Information
Gender Genderless
Status Living
Born July 16, 1775 (his species can live up to 10,000 years)
Residence Earth
Title(s) Great Psychic Monster Yungtrekon
Family Information
Professional Information
Character Information
First Appearance "Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising" (2014)
Created By Tigrus879
Yungtrekon is a custom GoAnimate character and Daikaiju that made its GoAnimate debut in the fan-film "Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising". Since then, it hasn't appeared in any other fan movies or videos. In the movies, this monstrosity is currently allies with Tigrus879 and his chao from SA2B, Tigrus.


Psychokinesis: Here's an example; Yungtrekon is capable of lifting entire landmasses with ease and the ability to kill other sentient lifeforms (using his powerful brain).

Telepathy: This kaiju also is capable of engaging in conversations with others using the power of his mind.

Altering one's mind: He is also able to erase one's memory permanently.

Origins (possibly cliched)Edit

Yungtrekon is the result of one of Tigrus Doppelganger's first failed experiments, potions to enhance one's mental capabilities and another that could turn any sentient lifeform into a kaiju. The experiments were rejected by Tigrus Doppelganger's late master, Mr. Keebler (as he thought the instructions in brewing those were just inexplicably convoluted) in May 2014. Somehow, Tigrus Doppelganger brewed the two potions; he never used them for some odd/unknown reason. A year later (May 2015), one of Tigrus Doppelganger's lost specimen (a creature known as the Be'vabides) drank the potions and in under 2 months, slowly grew to the size of a skyscraper, enhanced its own mental capabilities, and received the properties of telepathy, photokinesis, resurrection, and flight (for 1 day). This Be'vabides was now known to many as Yungtrekon (an ancient Tracheoan word for "Hostile yet Remarkable").

Life as YungtrekonEdit

This Be'vabides' transformation to Yungtrekon has heavily impacted his life. Yungtrekon now has 100% control of his brain and obtained several new abilities (few of which were mentioned in the Superpowers section above). He also now could fluently speak Human and Alien languages through telepathy. Now onto his Dietary Behaviors: Before Yungtrekon was, well Yungtrekon, he was a herbivorous lizard whose diet was comprised of preferably vegetables, soy patties, beans, weeds, and poison ivy (he's immune to its effects). Once transforming into the monster he currently is, Yungtrekon now became a Carnivorous beast and predator (several eyewitnesses have reported some torn carcasses of whales, whale sharks, and elephants lying on roadways). His emotional behavior was also heavily altered; for instance, Yungtrekon was formerly a quite tranquil lizard. Nowadays, he is known to be an occasionally hostile kaiju. That's how Yungtrekon's life has changed ever since his inciting transformation.


So far, this monstrosity has appeared in only one movie

  • Tigrus879 the movie 3, Japan Rising (2014)

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Other StatisticsEdit

Age: 239 (his species can live up to 10,000 years and will be 240 in 2015!)

Birthdate (in the Tigrus879 GoAnimate movies): July 16, 1775 (as a Be'vabides)

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