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First Subsidiary of Google Inc.
Second Founded in February, 2005
Third YouTube is a video-sharing website and service
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YouTube is arguably the most popular video-sharing website in the internet and social media. It was founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005 and was bought and owned by Google ever since 2006. It has collaborated with several sites including GoAnimate, Vevo, and Hulu.

GoAnimate's role in YouTube's developmentEdit

GoAnimate has collaborated with YouTube quite a few times. As a result, GoAnimate became a founding member of YouTube's Creation Tool Partner Program (which launched sometime in 2009). Due to this event, GoAnimate has also implemented a new sharing tool:

The ToolEdit

There is not much to go over with this. This tool enables users to freely publish GoAnimate videos to YouTube using his/her GoAnimate and Google accounts simultaneously. Quite a portion of GoAnimators prefer publishing their "GoAnimations" on to YouTube (for their videos might contain profanity, which is prohibited and censored in the GoAnimate site).


  • In some videos, YouTube was mistakingly claimed to have been a subsidiary of Vimeo.
  • Quite a portion of GoAnimate videos reference this site.