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Welcome to the Wikianimate.Com. A place of boundless creativity, imagination, and "GoAnimation". Throughout the years, there were other GoAnimate wikis mostly covering topics concerning a trend known as grounded videos. This wiki will cover some of that, but mostly the creative minds, users, characters, movies, and videos behind this fun website. Enjoy and have fun exploring and animating.


There are some restrictions when entering this website.

1. Admins (including the founder of this wiki, Tigrus879) shall not block people for infinity or until the year 2999 (for any given reasons, unless a certain user who severely violates the rules needs to be blocked until said year; as an alternative to banning).

1st Violation:Blocked for 2 days; 2nd Violation: 4 day removal from adminship; 3rd Violation: 2 week Ban from chat; 4th Violation: 3 week ban; Final Violation: 3 month ban and also, the admin who gets banned for this long will permanently lose admin privileges.

2. No excessive vandalism or harassment shall be tolerated at all costs.

1st Violation: 2 week ban; 2nd Violation: 2 month ban

3. No harassing users of any kind (whether you claim them to be "good users", "bad users", "awesome users", "neutral users", or "evil users").

1st Violation: Blocked for 1 day; 2nd Violation: 2 week ban; 3rd Violation: 2 month ban

4. We cannot tolerate others calling users "evil", "bad", or names with profanity. It's not being courteous and is also harrasive.

1st Violation: Temporary ban from chat

5. No sockpuppeting (unless when necessary)

6. Be respectful of others opinions (regardless, whether they're contrary to your own; there's only one exception; if another's opinions may be used to harass others, then the one commiting this act will be blocked for a certain amount of days or weeks)

7. Respect the admins and founder. They could block you if you misbehave, or give a bad impression of yourself torwards them.

8. No making grounded stories out of Mimirin, Shimajiro, Roll Light, June, Henry, Bubbles8218, Daviddizor, Manta-bee.

9. You can also make ungrounded stories and grounded stories out of the Save Ums.

10. You can only make grounded stories out of BlueKraid, Davidddizor, Princess Davidddizor, and Cochrane-A.

11. You can still make grounded stories out of the Evil Save Ums.

12. No naked pictures.

13. No pornography.

FINAL RULE: Do not spread false info about others on this site or steal identities. These acts are most unacceptible within this site's property. Also, Amos Martinez can use Reagan as Amos' girlfriend if he wants.

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