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The logo of WikiAnimate looks similar to the GoAnimate logo
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First Founded in August 1st, 2014
Second Founded by Tigrus879
Third This site is currently active
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WikiAnimate is a GoAnimate wiki founded in August 1st, 2014 by popular GoAnimator and GoAnimate V2 wiki admin, Tigrus879. It is currently the fourth GoAnimate wiki to exist (alongside three others; GoAnimate Wiki, GoAnimate V2 Wiki, and GoAnimate V3 Wiki) in Wikia network. Tigrus879 founded this wiki in response to all of the controversy surrounding the first two GoAnimate Wikis (GoAnimate Wiki and GoAnimate V2 Wiki).


As the title implies, this website discusses about various GoAnimate topics (other than mostly grounded videos) ranging from the founders of GoAnimate, GoAnimate fan-films/animations, and settings to parodies, controversies, and popular users.


This wiki might receive some criticism from the founder/admins of GoAnimate V2 Wiki including Jamien2001, RobbieComedian, and among a few others (due to an incident that occured in the GoAnimate V2 Wiki known as the Thomas Incident).