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Position GoAnimator
Age Possibly a teen
Status Active
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Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Tom Double T, often stylized as TOM DOUBLE T, is a popular Hispanic/Latino user in the GoAnimate community. Plenty of his works have received warm reception from several GoAnimators including African Vulture, Rockstar Animations, footsocktoe, and AF33. He joined GoAnimate on June 11th, 2012.

His worksEdit

Tom is also notable for producing his series of comedic videos known as "Bagman" and quite a couple of music videos such as "Harlem Shale: Dubstep Edition" and others.

Bagman SeriesEdit

There will be a separate page for the Bagman series. To summarize the series itself, all episodes involve Bagman (a stick figure hiding his identity wearing a brown bag) causing havock and once in a while, embarking on weird/surreal adventures accross suburban areas.

His Music VideosEdit

Some of Tom's videos are music videos. They will be covered in their own separate pages.


  • Tom has made a Comedy World avatar of himself (which looks entirely different than the one present in his profile pic).
  • He has been unfairly criticised for his English grammar (guys, he primairly speaks Spanish; cut him some slack, he's cool) by some users.
  • Some other Spanish-speaking users criticised his videos.
  • Besides that, most of his viewers have gave positive ratings to his videos (especially the Bagman, Miles, and Music video series).
  • User SuperSlenderGirl was inspired by Tom's "Harlem Shake: Dupstep Version" video to the point where she made a quite similar, yet well made animation.
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