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Thomas Saunders
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Status The Sidbury film actor of GoAnimate and Live Action films
Born November 25th 2003 (13 years old)
Title(s) Thomas has got long hair called "Tomas Girly Hair, 2013-2016"
Family Information
Children Susan Saunders

Connie Saunders

Parents Mike and Mary Saunders
Other(s) Bad User (2013-2015)

Good User (2015-now)

Professional Information
Profession Mr Oliver Saunders (pretend, 2014-now)
Workplace Grounded (2013-2015)

Mature Boy (2015-now)

Character Information
Portrayed By Kingsmouth, Sidbury, UK
Thomas Saunders is a British GoAnimate Adminisator, he was born in November 25th 2003 in Kingsmouth, Sidbury UK, he's also in Roblox and Animoto. 

Meeting Sichoassdown Productions UKEdit

in 2005, Sichoassdown Productions UK was founded in May 2005 with Thomas Saunders as when he later it got moved into Cam Thomas in September 2014 to October 2015, repeated in March to April 2016 when Brian Wilson has a final goodbye in 2014.

TV Shows Edit

Thomas' School Adventures (2007)

Thomas' Shorts (2008-10)

The Thomas Show (2009-)

Sonhomas gets grounded (2014-15, 2018)

Thomas' Paints (2016-20)

Rikky's World (Reboot, 2017-2019)

Films Edit

Wiznuts (2012)

Wiznuts 2 (2014)

Thomas Paints: The Movie (2016)

Wiznuts 3 (2018)

Games Edit

Thomas' Shorts: The Videogame (2009, PS2)

LEGO Clutch Powers: The Videogame (2010, DS/PS3, Eupore, protayed as young Clutch)

The Thomas Game (2014, Himself, 3DS/DS/PS3/WIIU/PC)

Thomas Paints The Movie Videogame (2017, Himself)

The Thomas Game 2: Seven Magic Crystals (2018, Himself, 3DS/NS/PS4/PC)

GoAnimate Life Edit

wizkid1555 was created in October 2012, it was a bad user in 2013 and got grounded, it has signutare for a Sonhomas video without growing up to ages 19 to now in 2014 and Thomas' Dad told to delete the grounded but he hated it! in 2015,wizkid1555 is not a bad user anymore, he is good user and ungrounded.