The Collins Family is an American Animated Family Sitcom that is broadcast on The Hub Network in the US and the Vyond Family in the UK


  • Steven Collins - Howard’s older brother, Jennifer’s husband, and Joey and Ivy’s father.
  • Jennifer Collins (nèe Mitchell) - Steven’s wife, Howard’s sister-in-law, and Joey and Ivy’s father. She is the middle of 4 siblings.
  • Joseph “Joey” Collins - Steven and Jennifer’s 21-year-old son, Howard’s nephew, and Ivy’s older brother. He is currently in college.
  • Ivy Collins - Steven and Jennifer’s 7-year-old daughter, Howard’s niece, and Joey’s younger sister. She is currently in second grade.
  • Howard Collins - Steven’s younger brother, Jennifer’s brother-in-law, Joey and Ivy’s paternal uncle, Allison’s husband, and Rosalie’s father.
  • Allison Collins (nèe Thompson) - Howard’s Wife, Steven and Jennifer’s sister-in-law, Joey and Ivy’s paternal aunt, and Rosalie’s mother.
  • Patrick Rodriguez - Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez’s son, Veronica’s twin brother, and Joey’s best friend.