This is a list of all suffixes appearing on GoAnimate users' names. This list is incomplete.


The suffix -Comedian is a suffix which appears on end of numerous users' names, indicating devoting to grounded videos and other similar things. The suffix is very popular: mostly amongst people who make grounded videos out of users, when they put the suffix of the user and don't change it, and loving of comedy (that's what "comedian" is meant for).

This suffix was also modified: sometimes made lowercase, as in the moments when Guyisbackable, a former GoAnimate grounded video maker, had his name represented as "guycomedian" with some special effects on letters.

Year suffixEdit

The year suffix is often added on people born that year, or the recent year, for example: CeresComedian2015. They are often added due to lack to think on a name of an user, and due to originality. Many GoAnimators chose to add this suffix just to promote the year they love or the year they were born in, such as in Jamiem2001.

"(good thing)Yes(bad thing)No"Edit

What many people choose to name their channel is the suffix "(good thing)Yes(bad thing)No" due to unoriginality. It is often used for opinion purposes, such as Spud Yes MTK No.

The suffix can be also spaced out, as a result of the example mentioned above, and it is often indicated to promote and grow hate on bad things but to promote and grow support on good things, as in the result of "goanimate yes warren no".