Sonic The Hedgehog And Jessica Andrews Ground Spyro Villains/Ungrounded

Ripto Grounds Blue and Gets Grounded

Ripto Hangs Out With Malefor and Gets Grounded

Spyro Villains Cuss In Class/Grounded

Gnasty Gnorc Gets in Dead Meat

Ripto Rants on Barney And Friends/Grounded

Ripto Pushes Cream Off the Rooftop/Grounded

Malefor Pushes Sonic Off The Rooftop/Grounded

Ripto Beats Up Sonic And Allison/Grounded

Cortex Beats Up Sonic The Hedgehog And Jessica Andrews/Grounded

Ripto, Kalos, And Gnasty Gnorc Call Baby Violetta Von Rose Stupid/Grounded

Nefarious Tropy Misbehaves At The Sherlock Gnomes Movie

Tiny, Crush, Gulp and Dingodile Swear In Class(Grounded)

Cortex Puts A Barney Error on Uka Uka's Computer/Kills Him/Grounded

Cortex, N Tropy, N Gin and N Brio Cuss In Class(Grounded)

Cortex, Ripto, N Gin and Kaos Cuss In Class(Grounded)

Cortex Misbehaves on Moving Day / Grounded(Similar by AGK Misbehaves on Moving Day/Grounded)

Sonic Gets A New Voice/Ripto Gets Grounded

Spyro Villains Call Violetta's Baby Sister And Brother Stupid/Grounded

Violetta Babysits Her Brother And Sister/Ungrounded/N Gin Gets Arrested


Simon as Crush/Gulp/Tiny Tiger

Lawrence as Dr Nitrus Brio And Dingodile

Steven as Dr. Neo Cortex/Jerry Andrews

Young Guy as N Gin

Dave as Dr. Nefarious Tropy

Wiseguy as Uka Uka

Julie As Kalos's Mom And Princess Peach

Kidaroo as Moneybags/Barney Error Barney

Brian as Malefor

Joey As Gnasty Gnorc And Eric The Hedgehog(A pink hedgehog with green eyes, a blue shirt, gray pants, and yellow shoes.)

Eric as Ripto And Steve

Paul as Kalos And Joe

Salli as Jessica Andrews/Cream The Rabbit/Princess Rosalina/Sonic The Hedgehog(Sonic Boom)(After his voice surgery)

Princess as Malefor's Mom/Amy Rose/Princess Daisy

Kimberly as Ripto's Mom

Kate as Gnasty Gnorc's Mom/Kate Andrews/Sonic The Hedgehog(Sonic Boom)(Before his voice surgery)/Violetta Von Rose The Hedgehog(She is a hedgehog with blue and pink quills, green eyes, a purple dress, and purple shoes.)

Susan As Allison

Kimberly As Blue/Doctor Blue

Ivy As Serenity The Hedgehog(A blue hedgehog with green eyes, a red dress, and red shoes.)