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  • Ivy as Catherine Cheetah
  • Kate as Kate Cheetah
  • Kayla as Kayla Cheetah, Cindy Cheetah and SallyJones1998
  • Salli as Cindy Cheetah
  • Eric as Christopher Cheetah
  • David/Evil Genius/Zack as Coulden Pettit
  • Joey as PaRappa the Rapper and Crawford Cheetah
  • Dylan Priest as himself


  • (March 1, 2018)
  • PaRappa the Rapper: Okay class, today we're going to learn about Ancient China.
  • [Catherine Cheetah doesn't look good as she threw up as her friends Patty Rabbit and Bobby Bear become shocked.]
  • PaRappa the Rapper: Oh my God! Catherine Cheetah is now sick! I'm calling her parents to pick her up.
  • [Catherine Cheetah walked out of the classroom to go home and rest because she doesn't feel so good after throwing up.]
  • [Cut to: Catherine Cheetah in her bedroom. She's in bed wearing her Hello Kitty pajamas because she's sick after throwing up unexpectedly at school.]
  • Kayla Cheetah: Poor Catherine. She got sick during school. Do you know who could've done such a thing like that. Someone gives her so much funny bubble to put Catherine Cheetah to sleep.
  • Catherine Cheetah: I know who did this and I know it's not Wilde Wolf or his daughter Winnie. It was Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998, two of Sophie the Otter's worst enemies.
  • Christopher Cheetah: I knew it! It was Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998!! They got Catherine Cheetah sick during school!
  • Kate Cheetah: We're calling Coulden Pettit on the phone!
  • [Kate Cheetah calls Coulden Pettit on the phone.]
  • Kate Cheetah: Hello Coulden Pettit. Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998 got my little sister Catherine Cheetah sick during school with lots of funny bubble caused inside of her body!
  • Coulden Pettit: Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998 got Catherine Cheetah sick during school! Oh! (X40) Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998 will be grounded when they get home! Thank you for calling me Cindy Cheetah.
  • Kate Cheetah: I hope your day goes better Coulden Pettit. Thank you and goodbye.
  • Crawford Cheetah: Let's get Catherine Cheetah some rest so she will feel very well at around next week.
  • ("On boy! Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998 are in very big trouble with Coulden Pettit and Dylan Priest for getting Catherine Cheetah sick during school. Let's find out what happens next. Shall we?")
  • Dylan Priest: Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998, you two are in very deep trouble!! Coulden Pettit and I can't believe that you two got Catherine Cheetah also known as Cure Sun sick during school! You two are so grounded until Easter!
  • Nathan Pearson: Coulden Pettit and Dylan Priest, we're very sorry!
  • Coulden Pettit: Apology denied! You two are not getting baby stuffs and that's a capital final! What is even worse Nathan Pearson and SallyJones1998 is that we'll be ended up on the news and we'll be in serious amount of trouble!! Now Dylan Priest and I have to go through the law such as Terminators, cyborgs, Blackwatch, the Pretty Cures, soldiers, the FBI, the CIA, SWAT teams, the Z Fighters, the Jewelpets, the Sweetspets, the Stroke Empire, the Shadow of Red, police and detectives!!