GoAnimate V2 Wiki
The logo may confuse users into thinking that this was the first GoAnimate wiki; others were convinced otherwise
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First Founded by Jamien2001 sometime in mid-2014
Second This site covers mostly grounded videos, characters within them, and people who call themselves "good" or "bad" users
Third The site is still active
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Fourth This site is the second GoAnimate Wiki (obviously hence the V2 in the name)
GoAnimate V2 Wiki is an active wiki founded by a popular GoAnimate grounded video maker, Jamiem2001 (a.k.a. Optimus500050 in YouTube). Many grounded video makers consider this wiki to provide enough info to satisfy their insatiable grounded video craze. This wiki has garnered warm reception (amongst the admins [excluding Tigrus879] and a portion of the grounded video-making Wikia users contributing to said wiki) and a large amount from criticism (from contributors such as Tigrus879 and non-grounded video making GoAnimators such as Rockstar Animations and Chibi Specials).


This site as mentioned above, covers topics concerning grounded videos, grounded video makers, people who claim to be "good" or "bad users", grounded videos created by other users, and baby-show characters (who are despised by most of the admins of that wiki). Only a MINISCULE portion of pages (those published by random wikia contributors, Tigrus879, Ninjamitsuki a.k.a. Mitsuki GoAnimate Fan, and a few others) do NOT cover topics concerning grounded videos or grounding at all. Besides that, this wiki little more than a site for fans of the grounded-craze. That's pretty much it for this wiki.


The author of this page (Tigrus879), Haxorus54, Rockstar Animations, and Chibi Specials have criticised this wiki numerous times for its poor adminship, small portion of admins who disrespect opinions that are contrary to theirs, several pieces of evidence that this wiki is mostly comprised of grounded video related topics, and articles that seem to insult trolls (those who usually annoy some users rather than harmfully/violently harassing others).

ALTHOUGH the founder of this wiki, Tigrus879, criticised GoAnimate V2 wiki for its grounded video articles, he himself, has a soft spot for grounded videos. He still respects others opinions on those types of videos.

GoAnimate V2 Wiki

The former GoAnimate V2 Wiki logo. The handscript style resulted in the logo being possibly made by Guyisbackable.