Devario's Cafe and Bar
Biographical Information
Cause/Reason The cafe is from DeVario Lopez
Born November 1960
Died October 1974
Cause of Death Because due the cafe and bar has replaced as London Adamency Office
Residence Wine, Juice, Water, Alochoal, Foods
Family Information
Other(s) Working in the cafe
Professional Information
Workplace London, England
Character Information
Created By DeVario Lopez
DeVario's Cafe and Bar is a British cafe and bar restaurant contains some wine, alochal, juice, water and some romance dinners for kids to adults

Built Edit

The Cafe and Bar is start to build in October 1959 when later the M1 is completed opened in 1960 and later in 1965, it created in the cafe from the bottom and the bar from the top from the cafe and bar which was opened in November 1960

Inside Edit

The inside of the cafe and bar is lots of drinks and foods for kids and adults

Closed... Edit

in August 1973, the road works start replacing DeVario's Cafe and Bar into London Adamency Office from the A40 (Trunk road) and then it was replaced in October 1974.