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Chibi SpecialsEdit

Chibi Specials is a non-grounded video animator who publishes ten minute videos. Chibi Specials is also a series containing ten minute videos (episodes) made by Chibi Specials (user). Chibi Specials has a website located at the address and a list of video links as well as series descriptions and other connection links are located there. Chibi Specials upon the creation of this article has nine (9) videos, 210 followers/fans, and 419 video views.

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Chibi Specials joined GoAnimate on September 4th of year 2012, yet left within the first week of account creation. Chibi Specials' original username until November 2013 had been amazingpony, but had changed username to clear Internet identity.

Chibi Specials' first series was named Epic Ninja Adventures (ENA), created June 2013 with Quick Video (or text-to-video) which had been cancelled due to lack of GoPlus. It was described as a chain of videos of a teenage girl in training trying to hunt down and destroy another teenage girl who had been terrorizing the state. Chibi Specials' second series was named Magic Mystery, a mini-series including one blue stick figure studying the paranormal powers of a stick figure couple. It has been deleted from Chibi Specials' video section, however there is still a 13-minute unfinished episode from July 2013. Magic Mystery was created June of 2013. Chibi Specials' third and confirmed series was dubbed Chibi Specials, July 2013, and is the only running series on the current account. Chibi Specials' fourth series is planned to release August/September 2014, titled "Sugar Sweet". You can find advertisements for it in Chibi Specials - Season 1 Episode 5.

At the release of Magic Mystery, Chibi Specials gained about 10-20 followers/fans, and upon the release of Chibi Specials, gained about 40-50. In the past year, Chibi Specials has gained over 200 followers, mainly upon activity on the GoAnimate forums.

Chibi Specials - the SeriesEdit

Chibi Specials was first published July 24th, 2013, and was first put through production in early July 2013. It's synopsis is shown here - a teenage girl, her cousin, and her brother are put through adventures that bring their skills to the test.

Rose - Shown as one default female Chibi Peepz character (hey, don't blame the animator-- GoBucks were needed at the time of creation) who really, really, really, really, really likes research and roses. Text-to-speech voice - Emma.

Percy - Animator's favorite, has an incredible backstory, and hates Steve. Rose's brother. Text-to-speech voice - Young guy.

Daisy - Popular teen singer, and contains happy-go-lucky thoughts. Text-to-speech voice - Catherine.

Steve - Series villain, and always finding a way to get under Percy and Rose's skin. Text-to-speech voice - Zack.


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