Alexender Kimble is a Member of the VGCP crew,which means his status is "Good User"

However,the thing is he might be the second or third most popular goanimate good user in the boys list(CalebComedian as in first) he is 15,was born on christmas and started Go!animate on the 7th of july 2013.His form for now will be all muscle-like,his voice is paul,wears an orange and blue shirt,beige pants and blue shoes,also with short beige hair(Some prefer it light brown)His girlfriends name is Denise Kimble,instead of beige pants,she wears an orange skirt,and white shoes,not blue,but the others are highly similar,so if they were in the same family,they are known as Identical Twins(With XXY Chromesone spilt to make diffrent genders)