African Vulture is a GoAnimator who specializes in liquified autism


African Vulture was born in 1984 in United States and then it appeared from the Journey film in the English version in 1993 and later it joined early 2013 with her original account. Her original account name was Unicorn-a-palooza, but had later, November 2012, been changed to African Vulture. January 1, 2013, the Mouthless Girl first appeared in an African Vulture video titled as "Mouthless Boy Meets Mouthless Girl".

In early 2014, African Vulture left GoAnimate. However, shortly after that, she returned with a new account (of the same title) and, although her other account had shut down, continued making Mouthless Girl, grounded videos, and the like. Some users doubted this new account was, in fact, her. In mid 2014, African Vulture claimed to be leaving again after taking offence to Rockstar Animations and Purshamama, yet came back after one day. Some users claimed to leave after African Vulture's depart.

African Vulture currently has four main running series with the occasional extra videos. They are listed as Caillou Gets Grounded, The Mouthless Girl, The Nutzis, and Super Mario Bloopers.

Likes and DislikesEdit

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  • Good stuff
  • Grounded videos


  • Bad stuff
  • Flash

Reception Edit

African Vulture's actions and videos have garnered her mixed reviews. Some people enjoy her grounded videos and Mario Bloopers, while others find them unoriginal. Some users such as AquaMassage, Rockstar, Commedus and Isaac Anderson Animations however have criticized many of the things she has said. Some people also consider her a "bully" to children, due to the way she has been shown to treat kids at times. Nevertheless, she is still one of the most well known and most popular animators currently on GoAnimate.

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